Friday, October 30, 2009

vagina to-do list

hold on to your vaginas, folks, because DoulaHara is about to take off. once i can tackle this to-do list, that is...

- order the missing cord for my sewing machine, so i can start on several new product lines (hehe, i'm super excited! don't you wish you knew what they were? stay tuned...)

- finish designing the new website, which will include this blog, a studio tour, press kit, and tons of uterine fun .

- continue marketing DoulaHara wares nationally, so you can run out to your favorite weird-o shop and take a look instead of staring at your damn computer screen all day.

- start booking space at 2010 anarchist bookfairs, zine fests, and maybe a craft fair or two. any suggestions from folks in or around colorado?