Monday, March 30, 2009

'build your brand!' they say

'build your brand!' they say. well, i'm working on it.

my big problem right now is that i originally opened my etsy store and had my logo designed under the name 'DoulaHara' but (like any goodhearted eccentric) have totally changed my mind and want to change to the name CUNTastic.
the problem: you can't (of course) change the name of your etsy shop without losing all of your listings, your fans, and your feedback, AND the designer of my logo has since fallen off the face of the planet. so here i am, with great stuff to sell, a reasonably successful etsy shop, and an expensive-ass custom designed logo, all under the wrong name.

all dressed up and nowhere to go. if i do change the name, i'll have to find a new graphic designer who can create a kick ass uterus, start my etsy shop over (????? SERIOUSLY?????), and reassure myself the entire time that it will all work out. hmph.

to change or not to change?


  1. I think the new name is fantastic - you just need to put something in your store announcement linking your stores. you can keep your old feedback then :)

  2. hmmmm, i hadnt even considered that! it actually sounds like a pretty good only hesitation now is that in the last couple months, ive gotten 2 comments from folks who like my stuff but are offended by the word cunt. which i completely would argue over for hours, but from a business perspective, im half tempted to actually take them seriously. nah, nevermind--we need to reclaim the word cunt : )

  3. I totally agree about reclaiming the word cunt. It didn't take me very long to personally reclaim it - and I seriously love the word now, but my ease in using it gives me a tendency to expect others to easily do the same. And apparently, cunt is still considered one of the nastiest, most horrible word in the English language, which is completely stupid. I liken it to the characters in Harry Potter (of all things) not being able to say the name, "Voldemort" out loud. Words are power. Using cunt in such a fabulous, positive way is really a new thing. It's going to take time, but we're helping it along, aren't we? Especially if you keep using it as you do on Etsy & elsewhere! I think you're doing a fabulous job! :)