Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fertility charting sets

i've been using fertility charts since 2005 to chart my cycle, sometimes to avoid pregnancy, sometimes to achieve it, and sometimes to just keep track of my moon.  it's been a fantastic experience for me and my body--yes, my body has enjoyed the extra attention.  i'd never seen my cervix or paid attention to my mucus before, and now the three of us are best buds : )

which brings me to my point.  that's right folks, the fertility charting sets in my etsy shop have been re-designed!  you can now purchase a medical grade speculum, a digital basal thermometer, and 12 months of fertility charts for a teeny weeny $25!  or get the "deluxe" set for $35, which includes a copy of Natural Family Planning by Kippley--the ultimate guide to fertility charting.

don't mean to brag here (or shamelessly promote my wares...) but seriously, this set would cost mucho more dinero if you were to buy the items yourself.

surgical steel speculum $17
digital basal thermometer $9
12 months of fertility charts $9
The Art of Natural Family Planning $19.95
over the top mucho dinero price >>> $54.95

nuf said.

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